Hello so what are you going to do stand up for your rights or just throw it all away

Do all my brothers the veterans out there my heart’s broken this is tragic Force vaccines that are killing people and they just approved it you can see the ugly Truth here and it’s so important Dr Judy law comes out and she speaks about blood samples that they took out of 200 people that got the job it didn’t matter what you in Johnson and this is coming because I get some kind of a negative charge from the the manganese and the vaccine or the bad DNA I don’t know what you can call it but it’s so important that you realize that you’re right under the Constitution are not controlled by such an edict by somebody that works for you that’s like you going to the restaurant in the dishwasher comes out and tells you the only way I’m making your breakfast is if you cook for me you know at some point you need to realize is your freedoms are really under the wave right now they’re really about to crash down on you.

I think it’s so important that people unite together and stop being afraid of each other the enemy we know The enemy we know is politicians that are getting rich taking all the money and power and resources that our great nation is built over hundreds of years they’re putting it in their pockets they’re making deals back door deals with other governments this is all about the destruction of democracy the destruction of free will and the destruction of your rights as a human being to raise children and live the way you want and earn the living that you want to earn and raise your children to be who you want them to be or who they strive to be your freedom is on the line right now and I think it’s you know there’s hundreds of people going everyday down to City Hall in the afternoon to protest these are the hospital workers and nursing home workers this is they’re not paying attention because she you have no clout or power like this you need millions of people in the streets shutting down the street you need millions of people standing up and saying no you’re not going to get away with this we’re not going to consent I will not condone it those are your children you are letting some total stranger put poison in your kids arm because they told you that was what you needed to do to keep them safe what are the side effects of the job it doesn’t matter which one you use one of the most important side effects is it’s got manganese and graphene in it 98% graphene in the vaccine the manganese and the spike protein are designed to destabilize your cellular level and your cellular wall so that they can get the graphing inside and what’s a graphing does it gets inside each cell it explodes the mitochondria it breaks the whole industrial system that’s inside each of the cells in your body the system that tells your body how to produce and retrieve oxygen from the lungs how to distribute that around the body how to load the muscles up with lots of oxygen when you’re doing sports this is a total shutdown of you as a human being this is like the worst thing to ever happen on Earth and people are like complying it breaks my heart why you don’t think tiananmen square was an example of people standing up against the machine what’s happening in Indianapolis Afghanistan breaks my heart I’ve been there these people didn’t deserve to be abandoned like this all these children and women that thought that they had a hope of freedom and a hope of democracy we spent 20 years or not at war we spent a year and a half at war we destroyed the Taliban now in a less than a week good old body-o has decided to give the entire country to these monsters because they told you they’re not going to lie to you it’s like China China says don’t worry we’re never do something wrong to you but they do it all the time it’s China American needs to realize is that how can you trust somebody that lies all the time how can you trust the system that is designed where a few people control everything and everybody else is just drone I think it’s so important people wake up you know that movie network news where they he says go to your window open up your window and scream I’m mad as hell I’m not going to take it anymore well we’re far past that all around the country people are realizing is that they’re literally trying to instead of lockdown on you for the rest of your life they’re going to give you a few dollars until they can set up their system to destroy you the fact is that the people but the problem now is that they’re talking about a Delta variant listen the Delta varian isn’t a different covid it’s the covid that you get once you’ve had the double job okay you can’t blame it on the people that didn’t get a job because none of them are sick this is all straight out from a horror movie all we’re going to it’s just everybody get the vaccine well they’re insisting on something but they work for you you need to realize that you do have right you do have the ability to say no to them do you have a right to protect your children and protect your freedom at what point do you say okay enough is enough look a lot of you noticed that most of the churches that are corporate churches they’re 501c3 which means that their corporation established underneath the state meaning there’s no separation between church and state because that’s a corporation and then you have a 508 a 508 is a church that is basically God first government laugh and people second so that’s why there were certain churches that stayed up regardless they stayed open continued letting God know that we care letting God people pray it’s so important to realize is that this is a big movement happening right now people are realizing is that if they don’t wake up now it’ll be too late you know Freddy Krueger’s he’s in the room you need to make a plan now for your life and for your loved one you need to realize is if you have the ability you need to get the f*** out of the big cities you need to go move some far away from a big city where millions of people are going to be fighting over the same piece of bread you need to realize going out and wasting money in a parking space to have dinner with your friends if like not seeing the tons of lions sitting on the branches waiting to devour you this is a real tragic reality and I wish I knew another way to wake people up and I don’t I don’t know how I can convince you that you need to take the time to read what’s going on Dr Judy law says it great she says it’s horrific the media is not even speaking about this rulio that’s happening with the blood clots they’re not even speaking about the fact that this is magnetic that’s why when you go to the supermarket and you buy a chicken if you bring a maggot they’re putting this in the food supply because they realize that people are waking up and they’re not going to allow you to jab them anymore so now they said all the FDA approved it so everybody should go get vaccinated not in your life and you should really care enough about your life to say no to I mean so you live a little bit longer but you at least you’re free I mean the people that are working in the hospital I have friends that are nurses they work in hospice and and nursing homes they’re not going to let them give them this job that’s killing them their friends they’re not going to allow this to continue into their life they’d rather have no job and have a job where you are being forced to take poison in your arm and live your life believing it’s not really poison it’s like a chicken little story this guy’s falling the sky is falling and believe me you think it’s all golden and now it’s all happening and you have no way out of it you have no way out of it whether you want to fly to another country this is all getting locked down it’s getting locking down with intentional measures you don’t want the vaccines you don’t want to be sterilized you don’t want somebody to decide what you can do with your life I mean this is your life what are you going to do with your life

And it’s real simple to take your charge of your life back I mean it’s simple enough to realize that the things that you’ve been doing and the things that you’ve been told you how to do if they were lies they have no bearing on you you as a human being you have rights you have right to get up every day and and kiss your family and and go out and do things that you love to do to make an income to support them and give them a better life what they don’t have the right to do is to stop you from doing that deny you your freedom deny you your right to go work and earn a living and take care of your children I don’t realize once children get a birth certificate they become a ward of the state they are literally a word of the state and all the corporate documents of the United States incorporated children are award of the state they belong to the state not you so when you go out and you try and give your children up bringing and they don’t like what you’re doing they can March right in and take them away from you they do not have to ask you permission people that got the job don’t realize life insurance is where policies were canceled they canceled any policy on anybody that got the vaccine between the time it was experimental and supposedly today when the CDC says they approved it or the FDA personally this should have never been approved Jake do not show you the truth they’re not showing you what really is going on look if a vaccine makes some bad reactions in a few people I understand some people have complex systems they have health issues but when you start seeing 100,000 people that are dying on the cdc’s on site okay let’s face it they did not vaccinate the whole country if you believe that they lie to you they vaccinated maybe 70 70 million people well that’s like a third of the country and now they’re trying to force you to go in and get the job now why because they know that was in three days you’ll be dead something to say but the purpose of the vaccine is sterilization and death that is what their goal is when your body can’t take blood and produce oxygen and spread it around your body that means your body can’t work anymore there are so many people that are made for Life Bell’s palsy blood clot leaking spinal fluid from the little straw that somebody that has no education and health is jabbing into the back of your sinuses and rubbing his little brush on there why ask yourself why they do this with the brush well because the inside that brush are thousands of little nanoparticles tomorrow then a flake of snow and they basically rub them up against the nerve endings in the back of your back canals of your sinus so that they can gestate and travel up into your brain the people that have been Optimus they all died of major hemorrhaging and blood clots in the brain so I know this is scary stuff but it’s the truth if you really love your family and you really care about your family you need to stand up for you’re right s

You’re not funny every time that they speak the faucy thought she gives another story nothing he says is truthful nothing he says is consistent you are being misled Dr Judy law in Germany worked with about 20 scientists and some doctors and blood oncology and they took samples of people that were vaccinated it didn’t matter which is a vaccines they got they took blood samples and they put them under the microscope together in a pile which causes blood clots that means I can’t go through the valves and pumps of your body so they build up like a traffic jam which causes blood clot the blood clot cause lack of circulation lack of

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