Quick answers for United States and the world, the military equipment left for funding Afghanistan

We all know for the longest time these manufacturers have been putting tracking chips in cars and equipment the vectors is you left the billions of dollars worth equipment behind in Afghanistan but you have tracking chips in it it would be very easy for our military to fly over with drones and destroy it rather than leaving it for a terrorist organization to utilize it against Americans and Taliban and the people who need to suffer they need to be destroyed I mean the defend your valley the Northern alliance I think they’re amazing they continue to stand up for their country and we should have this philosophy like do no harm if we went there to help the rescue the people of Afghanistan then you don’t make them help you for 10 years or 20 years and then leave them to be slaughtered by the same people that you fought against the fact is is the simple answer the equipment you can destroy all the equipment or you can retrieve all the equipment we have enough G7 G8 allies that would go on operations just to retrieve this equipment there are not enough Taliban soldiers in the world to stop us okay so look this thing with Biden surrendering and putting up the White flag for the southern border we know where every piece equipment is and even if he won’t tell you where it’s at it’s easy enough to get the tracking information turn on the satellite and pull this information out of a hat okay we know how much equipment was sent there we nuts we know what works what doesn’t work we have strategic assets up there until just a couple of weeks ago but importantly you can’t leave this equipment there for the Taliban to utilize to destroy and hurt other people that’s like telling a doctor that murdered somebody hey we’re going to hire you to come work in a hospital help us with our patients it’s so much time that the world the night on this stuff here it is so past time that human beings unite together for humanity as a whole for children as a future you can’t keep allowing ugliness to continue millions of people were out yesterday protesting the mandatory vaccine why because it’s America I’m all for anybody choosing to go get a job in the arm if it makes you feel safer I wish they would have made jobs they weren’t poisoning you but I guess you don’t care but you telling me that I need to get a job or show you a passport to get into a store buy groceries for my family Vietnam and human beings in America Tuesday why is that there’s some real issues here with the people that are at the top of the hat here I mean the mine in the body are no longer connected the answer again you want to stop the problem with all the American equipment left behind in Afghanistan turn on the tracking chips at every vehicle’s got get the drones fly over it located and extract the equipment or destroy the equipment and this should be doing being done at the same time you’re getting people out of there right now you’re hiding in the airport saying that all we can’t do that because the Taliban told us we’re not allowed to do anything until the 31st and then we’d better be gone did you hear that it’s a mouse that roared I mean the United States of America is the most advanced military in the world I’m a disabled veteran you’re going to leave all that advanced equipment for a bunch of people that go around killing and murdering children and women no this needs to stop this Insanity needs to stop the mad hatter’s party needs to come to an end Biden you should have resigned you’re a monster you’re the most horrible example of somebody who’s been 50 years working in government and in less than 6 months you have sold this great nation into a death that we will be paying for for a thousand years unless somebody steps up to fix it you are not the right person to run this country sorry you’re incompetent and your vice president Kamala Harris Jesus oh my God I mean where we’re talking I can’t even give you description of her this is an idiot she laughed when people are dying she laughed about the illegals crumbling across the border with covid she don’t care when are people going to get together and stand up for the right everybody has the right to choose their own path in the world that’s what this principle of this great nation was built on freedom of choice we the people of the United States of America but you can’t leave that kind of military technology around for a bunch of murderers

The court the core value of life is mothers and children a daughter is a mother she’s a daughter she’s a sister she’s a grandmother she’s a mother of creation you have just allowed the Taliban to sit in the country and take all this intelligent equipment and start slaughtering people with our military equipment it’s time for you to wrap this up it’s time for you to get serious as an as a world rather than sitting around and bickering with each other which country is better which one’s smarter which one’s got the most advanced weapon enough teamwork always works

The President Putin I know you’re a family man I know you’re running your country and it seems like you’re doing the best of you know how to do it’s time for the politics to stop all the world all the countries of the world need to unite against this Taliban all the countries of the world need to unite to get rid of terrorism I mean I never forget seeing the video of one of your generals back when the war was going on with Afghanistan where they literally summary head off with a knife on a YouTube video I was just horrified that you would put this they would put this on the YouTube video but that’s the Taliban and isis they need to be destroyed I want American children to be safe I want all children to be safe so rather than negotiating with China who’s out to destroy the whole world you should be working with America and France and Britain together collectively like we did in world war two to protect women and children to stop the insanity going on to destroy the equipment that we left behind in Afghanistan and bring back his stability to this world that’s about peace integrity and God I mean under God means just that I’m not under the sheriff I’m under God God created me God is the one that gave me life not some politician so why are you letting politicians decide how you going to live your life they work for you it’s so important that we get our equipment out of Afghanistan for all my brothers that are veterans like me that fought oh my God must be hard must be broken it’s hard enough coming back with PTSD and all the things you saw and all the things we had to do but for them to lead billions of dollars with equipment around for Mass murderers is something that can’t be tolerated and if Biden doesn’t want to do his job that we need to get somebody in there that will teamwork guys that’s what’s going to bring the world back together and for whatever reasons the same thing happen when Russia was left Afghanistan you left all the rushing equipment behind for them okay this can’t continue to happen you know these aren’t toys I mean when you’re talking what’s going on in Afghanistan all the soldiers that were taken out of there listen it’s better they stayed in wiped out the Taliban then leave them there to grow and expand their empire and have a base of operations I mean all they have to do is get to learn how to fly I mean you left helicopters there CA 64 is Chinooks I mean you left Humvees you left striker vehicles there these should have never been left behind turn on the tracking chips locate him with the satellite and destroy them

Important information regarding what’s happening right now in America is that the 300 million Americans who live here naturalized Americans they deserve their rights and their freedoms it’s not up to somebody else to tell us how we want to live our life they’re like they’re excuses though but people are dying people die every day let’s face it if you choose to drink alcohol till you liver gets cirrhosis of the liver you’re going to die if you choose to go do crack cocaine and walk along the edge of a parapet wall with 100 story wall and you fall you’re going to die but divorce people to take a job that could kill him just by the job because this is America you can’t do that they’re right is to live the way they want to live just like I have a brother if he chose to be an alcoholic and drink himself to death and we all have seen this in our lives all of us adults all of us that have gone to college all of us have served in the military this is a simple principle do you know harm is something that all of us should try and live by to those little low life rats running around trying to take advantage of the chaos and to stress the people you know doing the sucker punching and knocking people out trying to rob people walking down the street you’ll get yours don’t worry because people are going to stop hating and fighting each other and start working together because that’s the only way we can bring this world back Kobe is into catastrophe the catastrophe is how we’re treating each other now people deserve to live the way they want they deserve to dress the way they want be with whoever they wanted a relationship it is not for us to morally decide what God has chosen to make people it’s up to people to decide what they want to live their life as but most of all what most important thing is we’re not in kindergarten you don’t have school monitors anymore nobody’s going to sit there and tell you don’t do this it’s bad for you that’s not America I know that’s North Vietnam and North Korea and China they tell their citizens do what we say or come kill y’all that’s what they do but in America that is not how we are in America we need to respect each other’s rights and choices in America we need to realize it’s not about everybody being the same it’s what makes it specials everybody’s different it’s uniqueness of people it’s that human humanities unique qualities in an individuality than making Nation great but we can’t continue to do this go around the world and play the bully that needs to stop we need to spend our money on making lives better for children and mothers and daughters we need to spend our time and energy fixing problems not creating new problems so my biggest question to pharmaceutical companies is okay now you’ve gone to court you petitioned it so you can’t even be sued if somebody dies and people’s insurance is canceled when they volunteer for experimental events so what are you going to do now what are you going to do now what’s your next big plan of operators here what are you going to do to the rest of humanity you’ve seen that you definitely job the millions of people we don’t know how many years what needs to happen is stop listening to the media the devil this is the devil that’s in your house the one that you turn on at night and you say oh what does NBC say what does ABC say these are the same people that have been giving you misintervation since March of 2020 the same people that have been lying to the media has been paid they have been paid like Judas of scarier they have been paid to give a lie now they’re lying some more okay I’m all for people that choose to get a vaccination that’s your right if it was a real vaccine I’d feel better for you I mean the reports coming out from Germany about the blood and the Rubio that’s happening to the blood cells and the people that are dying of catastrophic failure I’d like answers for that but it’s pretty clear the answer is the blood clot the blood clots are caused by the Rubio so unless you’re going to take this off the market and fix it now what you’ve done like other things I know I took a product called the left ventricle valves of my heart they were very happy to put a hundred thousand dollars aside for open heart surgery. But who’s going to volunteer to have their chest cracked open I mean that’s the question after the fact is the worst time to learn some truth to find out afterwards there’s something is so bad for me and I I was the one that chose to take the fencing and redux I wanted to lose weight quick and I thought it would work well now what you need to know is that what about the people this is a lifelong event they’re going to deal with these disabilities for their whole life so why not hold the pharmaceutical companies liable for this okay it absolutely needs to be I mean there’s too many things on the plate right now I mean you need to solve the problem in Afghanistan the southern border is actually closed now thank God the supreme Court judge what a hero he said listen you want to come to America good you stay in New Mexico until we know you’re getting late safe to be in this country that’s the way it was before that’s the way it needs to be again okay and all you woke little people you should be worried about all the American citizens and over there being murdered you should worry about all the Afghan people that helped us that are over there at the risk of being destroyed at some point this all needs to come out you people I can’t believe you’re still in office you’re monsters you have no skills buying spend 50 years working for government and he’s a flat out idiot maybe you can maybe he’s got Alzheimer’s I don’t know but you can turn on the tracking chips in the military equipment located with a satellite that doesn’t risk anybody’s life you destroy it with the satellite that we have that arm from Reagan when the Star wars initiative enough enough of the stalling I mean in the middle of the night you turn on the satellite your lunch a weapon and all the sudden tell a man loses 100,000 pieces of military equipment that’s a thousand years ahead of anything never had I mean these are people that wrote goats around and now they’re driving million dollars striker vehicles okay look destroy the equipment or retrieve the equipment you can’t leave it there for them this is going to be the launch pad of so much devastation in the rest of the world and people are so busy trying to pretend it doesn’t matter yeah it doesn’t matter if America ever wants to be back on the top of the pile you need to get rid of work politicians you need to protect women and children I have friends that are translators over in Afghanistan these people work to try and give rights to women and children over there educate them give him the freedoms they deserve and now they’re hiding for their lives over there and and you can’t get to the airport come on the Taliban is circled here encampment and they’re telling you no you’re not allowed to go go back home why because the Taliban realizes if they don’t have slaves and women they won’t have more baby Taliban that they can mine my mind game with and manipulate their thoughts time to wake up people change the reality of this world

Please share guys please I want this to get out there I really want this to go to everybody I want people to see this is not about your race Creed color religion this is not about whether you call God yahwah or Jesus or Muhammad this is about us as a species on Earth on the verge of collapse and destruction the Earth is waking up you can see the storms the earthquakes the rumbling everything’s starting to happen it’s so important that we wake up together and show the Galaxy I mean listen cancer shrivels up and dies when it’s not given food the Taliban are cancer and that’s sad to say because I’ve studied the Quran I like Lila I like the truth I like I like the principles and values of daughters and sons should be given the best education they should strive to become the best human being they should strive to make their communities better they should remember and everything they do that God came first and God will come last but people need to wake up people need to wake up and become the best that they can be you need to strive to make the world a better place you can’t go to the bar and drink a bunch of beer every night because you think that’s not going to help you can’t change the world believe me the balance can be tipped with a weight of one little child believing in something it is so much time that we wake up collectively and try and make the world a better place it is so the time that we do this and we do it right when the world all stands together with one voice the world will change as long as we sit around and bicker over land bicker over religion bicker over the color of our skin bicker over the lies that are fed to Us by politicians and right now I would say the most important thing in the world lying to you and your family it is time for these people to be knocked off the top of the hill if you are not have the integrity to share truth to share the truth blind on what kind of money you can make for lying then you shouldn’t be telling anybody anything freedom of speech is just that but you have gone far beyond that with the media you giant conglomerates with the media the newspapers the TV channels by one big Grand Daddy was going to come around and start sharing with us the truth so we can keep the world safe but instead what you did is you found a bigger surprise somebody with a bigger goldfinger and you decided to get paid off by then to feed the LIE millions of lives have been destroyed to all the people that lost loved ones over the last two years my heart goes out to you because I lost people too sadly I lost more people to the covid job that I lost a normal death from normal causes and it wasn’t because they got Covington ensure now they’re saying oh it just got approval who cares in America you have you still have the right to choose whether you want to or don’t want to get a job and I think you’re going to find out in the politicians are going to learn real quickly they are hired to work for us not hired to control it they are not God they are just men and their little game of trying to manipulate their kingdoms at our expense no there was probably 800,000 people yesterday the Jewish communities they’re getting really angry this is not something you think on my grandparents are gone and they didn’t have to see this but this is a real test will we stand up and fight for what’s right but we stand up and destroy all the military equipment that we left behind in Afghanistan will we get rid of corrupt dirty politicians that are lying and deceiving us every day securing the border to the judge in the supreme Court that did this God bless you man you will be you you should have a statue this is not how you protect the nation by opening the borders up to let everybody come in the way you protect the nation is secure your borders God bless fight the good fight

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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