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Watch “Offending People is Inevitable | Jordan Peterson #psychology #jordanpeterson #shorts” on YouTube

Watch “Elon Musk completely DESTROYS Anti-Billionaire B.S. #shorts #elonmusk #govt #business” on YouTube

Watch “HOLY COW, YOU’RE INSANE!: Rep. Jim Jordan just ended Ilhan Omar’s Entire Career” on YouTube

Wake up America time to cancel the opera of insanity

Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube So important for people to think about life everyday is so important to think about God everyday it’s so important to be amazing because God has made you amazing don’t trust these politicians these people dress the same way you do they sleep the same way you do they have good and bad qualitiesContinue reading “Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube”

Watch “WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF? | Max Igan 2021” on YouTube

Watch “Beautiful Lion Love his owner #snakes#animlas #shorta” on YouTube

Hello so what are you going to do stand up for your rights or just throw it all away

Do all my brothers the veterans out there my heart’s broken this is tragic Force vaccines that are killing people and they just approved it you can see the ugly Truth here and it’s so important Dr Judy law comes out and she speaks about blood samples that they took out of 200 people thatContinue reading “Hello so what are you going to do stand up for your rights or just throw it all away”

The definition of the PCR test

All right guys so here’s some more intelligence for you guys a PCR test is a way that you test the human body to see if you’ve got t cells and I’ve ever been exposed to a cold there’s no specific test for anything PCR just stands for standard coal virus and the t cellsContinue reading “The definition of the PCR test”