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Watch “Famous Covid Doctor Reveals What’s Really Going On | Dr. Zev Zelenko 2021” on YouTube

The definition of the PCR test

All right guys so here’s some more intelligence for you guys a PCR test is a way that you test the human body to see if you’ve got t cells and I’ve ever been exposed to a cold there’s no specific test for anything PCR just stands for standard coal virus and the t cellsContinue reading “The definition of the PCR test”

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Watch “Sen. Kennedy: Masks are ‘distraction’ from the real issue” on YouTube

Watch “[CLASSIFIED] “Watch Within the Next 24 hrs” – Prepare Yourself” on YouTube

Watch “[CLASSIFIED] “Watch Within the Next 24 hrs” – Prepare Yourself” on YouTube

Brain checkup

The latest in covid news how sad so now they want you to sign up for your brain checkup anybody who signed the paperwork and got the double jab they basically want to do a brain scan on you and see how they’re wonderful little mRNA protein with the spike protein in it how it’sContinue reading “Brain checkup”

Watch “Windsurfing Guam.” on YouTube

A hike to remember

So today was an amazing Saturday got to get out hiked about 14 miles lower Manhattan Brooklyn bridge all the way up to midtown and then back across from Manhattan bridge lots of people have lots of people without a mask on thank God lots of beautiful women out which is definitely always a pleasantContinue reading “A hike to remember”