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if time is critical to you learn to expand it developing inner drive skills to embrace the more advanced and streamlined you.

tuning into the universe

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the sound of wind the coldest winter day the dreams we all have when we are young at play, memories that can fill you with warmth and inspiration, driving your heart a hammer and a strong hand pressing forward without pretention or disdain

magic sights
it is a sky worth standing in amazement what a day

I took this photo one afternoon returning from long island the sky was just right this is Atlantic ave and 98th street one of my favorite photos that year I share this because photos can be bold new directional markers one image can envelope you in new values ideals and even change how you perceive the world around you


The ocean has long been one of my base support system power mediums love water ocean waves surf the sounds and images most breathtaking to behold and experience from cannon beach and seaside Oregon to the mouth of the Columbia river basin such humbling sights that take all the life pressures and issues away and drop you into a warm passion to embrace the world around you


this photo was taken on a walk about in the city since its always so busy in the city I must admit that these were some amazing flowers growing on dirty crowded city blocks against all odds so amazing to take a moment to look and absorb the amazing colour and devine image against a gritty city where everyone is in a rush to get somewhere how many stop to admire or remember the magic before their eyes

  1. taking time to evauate your choices
  2. weigh the options before you
  3. define the stages that will be completed in order to get to the goals you have chosen

what a world could be if humans could learn to use the current of the universe and achieve the most amazing things in this world

This is the citation.


success a world that measures your position and success by the hoarding of things of no value what so ever they chase after a way to fill the emptiness their lives are .

when we realise that the best tools and worth the move in terms of the universe we grow and begin to touch the higher level vibrations in your life how to absorb them, we fail to see the magic all around how we can build a driving connection one that provides hidden energy and other metaphysical matter to be utilized in your life and the value to those whom you love and care

About Us the values of creative and artistical impression are so important the best you can do is define what it is and how you will finish it broad strokes or sheer airbrush wisps it is clear anything I would love to share is a visual and real tangible object defined by my interpretation ITS value based on what client expectations and desired result

this was the start of march in new york and sadly for nine months they the powers that be wanted to see how much they could distress and control us

the canvas of life is always changing be amazing be profound and define your life full speed towards spectacular

More About Us I find building things based on the universe and what it inspires me to direct my energy towards and weather building a piece of art or functional objects from any of a dozen different mediums the end goal is make something that imparts and impact on those who view and the language of aura and heart are full flowing by the colors and mood implied in the avatar I create

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Direction and Maps

magik can bring you the many tools that have helped me i have lost eighty pounds regained my health and strive each day to alter my reality positive injection of time and energy put into the best tools of life health and striving towards eternity with arms wide open and my eyes focused on the dreams of a profound world where technology can assist you to keep at your best health

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