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Giant thoughts and huge change love life and understanding will empower your Infinite soul

It’s Magik when you’re walking down the street and you see in me using beautiful woman with long gold in there and Jay great nice most of us miss these things were all caught up in a little worlds frustrated with lives that we wanted so much and yet we’ve settled for so little.

Sometimes it’s a polite really understood the reality were dealing with solutions pop pictural lives stunning people always great personalities caring loving kind friends like you dreamed of when you were a child but here most of us visit we walk right by them people walk by you and say hello or hi can you turn your heads look down look away are you. How can you develop and change the way you approach life by which the learning new ideals and values and being able to touch the amazing thing that’s it’s before your eyes the life the world the existing switch while your head and your little blind corner of the universe or missing completely.

Being brave enough to say hello.

It’s funny I’m almost 60 years old I’ve seen so many things in my life I’ve tried experienced enjoyed and struggled and dealt with things that we would’ve never hoped to have to deal sometimes and other things which were so amazing to this day they still spark lightning in my brain it’s funny when you think of relationships to people together and choosing each other over others choosing UK and coexistence to be connected connected in time and space in this world that we live in that’s a rare thing you here every day people going getting married in two years later divorced miserable fighting over things that neither of them have or they’ll never be able to acquire sometimes you really have to hope that you can find a common ground with the people around you I’m always sad when I see people walking on the street glued to their smart phone you’re missing you’re missing all the amazing things that are passing before your eyes you’re missing the beautiful sky and the clouds the sunset or sunrise racing to your little teeny zone dark world tickle zombies I call him it’s a pretty good word they basically have no lives except a few friends at the meeting bars are places where they’re trying to forget and they don’t share the very shallow because it’s safer to be shallow God for bid you want to get committed to somebody and have a relationship of trust & honesty I love to go out and go to events some of them like gymnastics martial arts even go to the beach to watch the surfing are used to live to serve when I was younger before I hurt my back orders do appreciate it’s every once in a while you’ll see somebody has got their game on sharp as a razor their bodies amazing curves the way they’re built the muscles the structure of our bodies because of all the hard work they put into it these people understand I’ve got a brief a little time here and they’re pushing very hard to be the best they can be in every aspect of their life but one that one is believing that out there there is somebody for you somebody that’s going to love you and care about you and take the time every day and every moment of their life to be part of your life how can you not want to spend your time with somebody that when they smile he melts your heart or when you caress their body you’re just gasping with love and exasperation of how special and wonderful versus does this blog adverse to make women realize how precious they are and then to make them realize that there are ways that they can get that empowerment over their body all of their lives but it’s not by being a little it’s buying making really select personal manageable choices about what you want out of life being a woman was a recreation how could you not want somebody who could help you for fill that goal of having your own creation inside of you how could you not want somebody to be in your life just for love ❤️

It’s a challenge do you find that special person where do you look what are you looking for or you go looking for that shy little look in their eyes or seeing them do something amazing in front of you that you just could never forget I am inspired by beautiful women I am always the one that’s walking down saying good morning we’re beautiful eyes your beautiful hair not because of drinking anywhere but being that I have eyes and I do see I can really appreciate that we could pre-she would beautiful is like a beautiful sunset with the clouds I know it beautiful eyes and a joy in grasp it every day because I would rather be at the end of the road and say I saw what I did I had I touched I lived a joy then to say well I wish I would’ve done this.

Bringing your ideas to fruition

So what if I kill you stick a few minutes and imagine what you want to be doing six months from now I know that seems like an immense a better time but the way we walk to the world on our tech phone staring at a screen for inches of crossed rather than noticing her being involved in the world whatsoever except our small little groups look down the road six months and see where you want to be and what you want to be doing and imagine big sink big make a dream something that you wanted for a long time that you could work on it actually accomplish.

When you wake up each morning went to look at that list that you made and the positive reasons why you put those things on the list what you’re expecting to accomplish once you do this gives you that reinforcement each morning to go out eat a healthy diet do the outside exercise put your smart phone in your pocket and spend a little time with your eyes ears and senses do you enjoy this rare planet called earth.

don’t understand how most people can wander around their lives and never see how happy to be tomorrow when they’re holding hands walking down the street together laughing or sharing a private moment sad to see how many people are so boxed in by their technology he sitting in a dark room all day on the screen to communicate with people they don’t know us. If we want to change these things in our life we have to figure out away to come to terms with the lack of the instant spontaneous of energy that you get from my phone and think that if you work hard towards a goal and if you’re trying to build a relationship with somebody and you’re willing to do the difficult challenges that come with it that means spend time doing with they wanted to complement them on how hard you’re working to get where they’re trying to get and be around to be a friend be around to be somebody that shows by your actions your geez and the way you think that you actually care it’s sad when I see people that have been together for many years and they barking scream at each other they don’t communicate anymore.

The happiest people that I know even though that everybody has problems are the ones that are involved in a special kind bond it’s a friend low ship friendship made between two people where they excepted best to be each other along with the worst to be each other and their friends the sharing conversation and support and love in all the things to human people lead which is the bonding the connection emotional ties that somebody actually cares about you besides yourself somebody who wants to see you happy with Joyce when you laugh I want to wake up in the morning you know you’re there and they’re grateful for the person you are sadly? In most of the relationships I see it’s always one person trying to change the other person yes I like this person but I’m going to make him better I’m going to change their bad qualities and make them good qualities I’m going to raise them up because I’m so good at doing that fix their problems the idea that you would think that’s the proper way to approach a relationship is maybe why you have problems if you like somebody with me and you truly do I mean because chemistry is chemistry before people get together and get involved there’s a chemical connection there on the plane that most of us would never see the connection is smells and the sites in the way we approach each other in the way we express ourselves to each other this is a cop connection a deep connection scientist don’t care about stuff like this they’re too busy trying to alter the DNA of the universe..the bright star that giv s us energy and life is not just a giant ball of explosive energy

It’s a cosmic powerhouseGrounds us the grounds us to the solar system to the galaxy in the universe that bursting flaming ball that we see in the daytime it disappears in the meantime it doesn’t just cause explosions millions of miles away there’s an energy connection a magnetic compulsive push poll kind of connection between every human being every creature on this earth and the sun because of the chemicals that are in it and the way they react with the universe our plan it was for and why it was warm all these things are precise and they’re miserable so when we as human beings walk around the years ignoring our connection to the universe it’s only normal that we would get lost but the question is now that you’re here are you tired of being lost do youWant to start understand the real reasons why you were here in our amazing you Canby if you have the right choices made in your life and those need to be heard your choices what you love to do what you’re the best dad and how you can utilize your skills and your talent with a little bit of effort in the department of driving time management and bring them into your lives like a beautiful farm makes an amazing crap because the farmer and his workers spend so much time making sure everything is done right we all could bring these changes into our life you have an on limited sources of energy your soul your spirit your inquiry Nietzsche this is something that even when the body shrivels up and dies on some bed or in some Ospital or on the ground somewhere

The energy that you were made up is yours but it’s connected on the microscopic level with all energy in the universe the good the bad the strong the week we are all bound to go there but you’re such a string a quantum string of energy that vibrates the Zeno verse like to coordinate guitar for 40 be a or 660 beat whatever the vibration is you are tuned into that vibration across galaxies we need to find a way to help you increase your vibration so you can get more attuned to the universe around you the problem with technology and smart phones is that unless you’re seeking knowledge on them they just drain your energy and your soul force this has been known for many years so I need to still want you to know why 5G is so important to them when you spend your time walking under these microwave showers or staring at your phone for hours a day or holding the next you’re here you’re doing your reversible damage you’re altering the DNA of your body this is something that is going to happen found affect on you and any future generations connected to you so use the technology for what a cheer for gaining knowledge figure out a way to turn all those positive skills and knowledge you got into something amazing we all need just a little push in the right direction to be an artist and painter on canvas means for us to get your toolsOnce you get your brushes and your paint and you decide what you want to put in the canvas it’s a matter of putting the effort in to make it happen

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