Watch “Spike protein inside nucleus enhancing DNA damage? – COVID-19 mRNA vaccines update 18” on YouTube

Time for the entire world, America great Britain, France, India, Japan, Germany ,and other basically free people’s to unite against this Godless Devil nuke China and any other fascist group trying to steal your liberty and life away

Truth is thee best cure

Sometimes movies are cliche like Forrest Gump simple is a simple does stupid is as stupid does

I can’t tell you how grateful I am my parents raised me to be independent and free and and think for myself seeing people starting to throw back masks on because of some new invisible drugs that they came up with this is just tragic man you don’t even have a life if you’re walkingContinue reading “Sometimes movies are cliche like Forrest Gump simple is a simple does stupid is as stupid does”

Watch “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine” on YouTube

The truth should make your blood boil please watch do you really want to live in a mask or something else horror that America must rise up pharma politicians devil’s for sure the proof you need to know about

deep in the oven

so here we are another month summer flying by and politics as usual; being lead weights on democracy the Democrats have lashed out to destroy all the good our President Donald Trump as strived to achieve mostly he has protected america and the lives of our citizens such a loss to see the huge timeContinue reading “deep in the oven”