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Watch “The leader of the Western world is ‘cognitively deficient’” on YouTube

Apothus &Dragons rising

So I was watching this pretty incredible YouTube video talking about apophis this giant meteor that’s 6 mi across that it’s going to come close enough to actually brush against our satellites in the next 15 years two times first time they said it’ll probably miss but the second time we got a real goodContinue reading “Apothus &Dragons rising”

Watch “The Truth of It | The Truth about Kamala Harris | Ep. 51” on YouTube

Frankenstein’s best friends selling baby parts on local supply houses really it’s not like these infants had any choice

Watch “Ted Cruz slams Biden for not allowing press to the detainment facilities at the border” on YouTube

It’s about time enough America deserves Better Border security is a national emergency enough lies from the muppets guarding Bidens mental incapacity to do any job especially concerning critical international concerns