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Watch “Dave Chappelle on What’s Important in Life” on YouTube In the end most who live in moment to moment fear never give up the trap for freedom wake up clearly the covid and jab are a salt trap and the few monsters running this cruel experiment are depending on you to keep in the salt trap

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We will fight on the beach s

The game only works when you participate

You know I think it major cities like New York and Atlanta and Chicago what you need to do what’s the point of opening your restaurant and telling people they got to prove to you I mean this is also it’s all over again they have to prove to you that they volunteered to getContinue reading “The game only works when you participate”

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Divine intervention

So here we are the first week of May weather is nice people are out a lot of people are smart and they got rid of the masks some so so some holes out what you would expect with her population so question is what do you do now I mean are you going toContinue reading “Divine intervention”

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So important to know what’s going on here please sgare

Now we’re all starting to think the same way I think it’s important we’re all sympatico

How do we solve these problems first of all there’s a global problem going on right now with lies and deception you could attribute that to the media who’ve been paid off so extensively for the last year and a half to provide lies and deception to the populations of all the countries and statesContinue reading “Now we’re all starting to think the same way I think it’s important we’re all sympatico”