The first shock and ah of deep state wake up

October 2, 2021 277th Edition We Are At War! A Class War  In Case You Missed It – News and Comment US Army Grounds 4000 Pilots Inflation Out of Control SUA Book Store Comedy Break Letters to the Editor Thought of the Week Stand Up America US Foundation is a network of patriotic AmericansContinue reading “The first shock and ah of deep state wake up”

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If this truth doesn’t wake u up and provide motivation to stand up and risk all against the evil who are using the millions of children for diabolical ends Wake Up get angry become a hero to the children being mutilated by such evil

Watch “‘This Is A Lie’: Crenshaw Accuses Biden Administration Of Telling Untruths About Afghanistan” on YouTube

Just for the record regarding the Hague trial going over the crimes against humanity too the one that is going on right now

Clearly the evidence is all packed together of the head trial that’s going on is right on base it’s talking about the people that will go to jail and be held responsible for this I mean their estimating in the United States 80 million people will be dead right after the cold season so we’reContinue reading “Just for the record regarding the Hague trial going over the crimes against humanity too the one that is going on right now”

Watch “‘Greatest Humiliation I’ve Ever Seen’: Trump Rips Into Biden For ‘Gross Incompetence’ On Afghanistan” on YouTube

We will fight them on the sea and land on the beachs humanity can no longer Ignore the criminal hypocrisy of evil politicians and their corporate lovers

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What might happen

I think it’s so important we keep track of what’s going on with the people that get vaccinated with the experiment Eva I think we need to keep an eye out for genetic deformities that are happening because when you start giving people something that’s altering their basically single genome I mean we’re talking cellularContinue reading “What might happen”

Casting stones

That’s so important you develop a strategy is whether it’s your health or what you plan to do for a couple of months during the year to accomplish goals to finish education it’s important to make some kind of a plan that’s practical something that you can work with and work on I mean IContinue reading “Casting stones”