Watch “Thoughts 2 Change Your Life | Law If Attraction #shorts” on YouTube

Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube So important for people to think about life everyday is so important to think about God everyday it’s so important to be amazing because God has made you amazing don’t trust these politicians these people dress the same way you do they sleep the same way you do they have good and bad qualitiesContinue reading “Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube”

Watch “WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF? | Max Igan 2021” on YouTube

Quick answers for United States and the world, the military equipment left for funding Afghanistan

We all know for the longest time these manufacturers have been putting tracking chips in cars and equipment the vectors is you left the billions of dollars worth equipment behind in Afghanistan but you have tracking chips in it it would be very easy for our military to fly over with drones and destroy itContinue reading “Quick answers for United States and the world, the military equipment left for funding Afghanistan”

Tragedy in Afghanistan

You know for a lot of Americans sitting home safe or relatively safe you have no idea what’s happening in Afghanistan that in literally a week the country has been routed and all those people that were hoping freedom- that’s by a political intrigue that is so evil listen opening up the borders and decidingContinue reading “Tragedy in Afghanistan”

Truth is thee best cure

Be Amazing and Profound rise up Now is that moment

Watch “The Declaration of Independence (as read by Max McLean)” on YouTube

It is time to grasp your heart and brave the challenge to save this nation from dwmagods and evil alogorke big tech and pharma