Quick answers for United States and the world, the military equipment left for funding Afghanistan

We all know for the longest time these manufacturers have been putting tracking chips in cars and equipment the vectors is you left the billions of dollars worth equipment behind in Afghanistan but you have tracking chips in it it would be very easy for our military to fly over with drones and destroy itContinue reading “Quick answers for United States and the world, the military equipment left for funding Afghanistan”

We will fight them on the sea and land on the beachs humanity can no longer Ignore the criminal hypocrisy of evil politicians and their corporate lovers

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https://youtube.com/shorts/o6q2DFhSRUY?feature=share Know your rights study the state constitution it covers all you rights Nd enforces your authority over your paid employee’s

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youtube.com/shorts/4iiWZyahuNw About the true facts of life

Ever changing

So well Manhattan was definitely full of excitement today it’s probably maybe Broadway or West Broadway it was good to see people out without the mask off man enough of these politicians so that’s a good sign the job part still frustrating because I don’t know how they’re going to pull this rabbit out ofContinue reading “Ever changing”