Watch “WAKE UP! We’re All Being Played | Max Igan” on YouTube

Watch “Dave Chappelle on What’s Important in Life” on YouTube In the end most who live in moment to moment fear never give up the trap for freedom wake up clearly the covid and jab are a salt trap and the few monsters running this cruel experiment are depending on you to keep in the salt trap

Watch “‘This Is A Lie’: Crenshaw Accuses Biden Administration Of Telling Untruths About Afghanistan” on YouTube

Watch “US Marine Slams Military Leadership Following Kabul Attacks, Relieved From Duty | Republic TV” on YouTube

Watch “‘Greatest Humiliation I’ve Ever Seen’: Trump Rips Into Biden For ‘Gross Incompetence’ On Afghanistan” on YouTube

We will fight on the beach s

Most important conference please read and share

Read the news  |  Donate LifeSite will be hosting a townhall conference with The Truth for Health Foundation, “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting will feature Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, and other prominent physicians, scientists,Continue reading “Most important conference please read and share”

Watch “know your rights #shorts” on YouTube Know your rights study the state constitution it covers all you rights Nd enforces your authority over your paid employee’s

The empty face ballet

So here we are 7 billion creatures spinning on an earth a thousand miles an hour traveling through the galaxies it is not even determinal speed on the spiral of the our galaxy solar system and right now after the covid and after the lockdown and after the mask and all the fake media peopleContinue reading “The empty face ballet”

Welcome to Equilibrium

Toggle menu Facebook Overview Locations Key People Competitors Revenue Financials & Metrics Facebook CEO and key executive team Facebook’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s key executives include Mark Zuckerberg and 25 others. Mark Zuckerberg Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer, Director Eduardo Saverin Co-Founder DavidContinue reading “Welcome to Equilibrium”