Watch “‘This Is A Lie’: Crenshaw Accuses Biden Administration Of Telling Untruths About Afghanistan” on YouTube

The crying shame

You know as an American our family the barest family arrived in the United States in 1849 and Ellis Island in Manhattan they caught another boat up to Michigan started out with a few acres of land built a huge farm and a community All about Liberty and freedom and the chance to have aContinue reading “The crying shame”

Watch “know your rights #shorts” on YouTube Know your rights study the state constitution it covers all you rights Nd enforces your authority over your paid employee’s

Watch “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine” on YouTube

So important to know what’s going on here please sgare

Now we’re all starting to think the same way I think it’s important we’re all sympatico

How do we solve these problems first of all there’s a global problem going on right now with lies and deception you could attribute that to the media who’ve been paid off so extensively for the last year and a half to provide lies and deception to the populations of all the countries and statesContinue reading “Now we’re all starting to think the same way I think it’s important we’re all sympatico”

So what now my friends?

lets see march has long since passed and still the end seems no closer the politicians and a large portioni of the media are hitting you on the back of the neck be afraid fear the words and images we are creating for you. watch as we reduce the population of earth by political scandelContinue reading “So what now my friends?”