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P New York politics as usual

So I have some yesterday I said so you got the vaccine right hurray why are you wearing a mask and they said oh well I said no there’s no well if you trusted these idiots and give you this shot in the arms and why would you be wearing a mask anymore oh toContinue reading “P New York politics as usual”

Watch “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine” on YouTube

The truth should make your blood boil please watch do you really want to live in a mask or something else horror that America must rise up pharma politicians devil’s for sure the proof you need to know about

Edna what a beautiful image

walking through the city the day fantastic and Devine sunshine beating down and the city streets of sound’s well heard, did we chance to meet today your beautiful eyes took my breath away. i notices you focus on that fire hydrant of brass the nice friendly do not sit to keep you on your toesContinue reading “Edna what a beautiful image”