Peas in a pod

So as you can see the media is doing a full court press to try and get everybody vaccinated you need to say I do not consent I will not comply the reason why they’re doing this is because when October gets here and November and the cold season starts you’re going to start seeingContinue reading “Peas in a pod”

The crying shame

You know as an American our family the barest family arrived in the United States in 1849 and Ellis Island in Manhattan they caught another boat up to Michigan started out with a few acres of land built a huge farm and a community All about Liberty and freedom and the chance to have aContinue reading “The crying shame”

Are you starting to see the big picture

If you look around you start looking in the papers and the media you start seeing the big change going on people are finding out the truth about this experiment and besides losing people they love and care about to the code but there’s nothing they could do I mean sadly these pharmaceutical companies reallyContinue reading “Are you starting to see the big picture”

Watch “”Hopi -Messages from the Ancients-“” on YouTube

Eyes wide Open

So as people are starting to open up their eyes and really see what’s going on around them they’re starting to understand is that the more information they gather the more information they vacuum up with intelligent technology that’s available for them right now the quicker they can achieve the goals that they’re looking forContinue reading “Eyes wide Open”

Watch “This Is Getting Too Real.. Why Is Nobody Talking About This (2021)” on YouTube

After 20 years of planning this population Wipeout it’s starting to happen they literally are doing this intentionally people need to wake up it’s time that you guys start watching the intelligent real information out there as they say from the horse’s mouth so this is Bill Gates I hope they don’t slam it andContinue reading “Watch “This Is Getting Too Real.. Why Is Nobody Talking About This (2021)” on YouTube”