Relevant important

You know today’s the weekend it’s the beginning of May a year and 6 months almost since this nightmare started and people haven’t been volunteering to get the lab experiment and get jabbed once twice three times who knows at this point I’m sure people have been getting Jeff or five times with the inoculationContinue reading “Relevant important”

Watch “Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum on what she says is in the Gates vaccine” on YouTube

The truth should make your blood boil please watch do you really want to live in a mask or something else horror that America must rise up pharma politicians devil’s for sure the proof you need to know about

battle of the water taffy team

so election is over and Bo-viden has stepped up to the microphone what will happen now first of all enough with the rabbet attempts to destroy President Trump who is no longer in office. there is no need to spend another hundred billion dollars to try and defame and destroy Trump it is much moreContinue reading “battle of the water taffy team”