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Ever changing

So well Manhattan was definitely full of excitement today it’s probably maybe Broadway or West Broadway it was good to see people out without the mask off man enough of these politicians so that’s a good sign the job part still frustrating because I don’t know how they’re going to pull this rabbit out ofContinue reading “Ever changing”

Infinity’s special twist Fear is not an option We are the borg resistance is futile Alice in fear is a journey to destruction While a life of fearlessness is profound and amazing be brave and risk it all for your amazing

taste of honey power of fantasy

I love 🍯 it’s warm sticky sweet and melts in your 👄 mouth.nothing is so exciting as when you get your mouth watering and anticipation of this sweet delight Magik rolls across the heavens and bring to our world such amazing treasures the night sky filled with bright distant stars to remind us of theContinue reading “taste of honey power of fantasy”

Very good to see you guys out going back to life

its been quite a horrid year all my friends are finally coming out from there long self inflicted isolation but its great to see the human faces/ ! again what a strange year reminds me of a few old songs like Billy Idol eyes without a face white wedding dress to finally start to seeContinue reading “Very good to see you guys out going back to life”

,waiting on tomorrow

what is the goal for the next chance you have if you wake up tomorrow will your heart be profound and you challenge one of those things on your life bucket list. be bold go out and do something you have always wanted to do stop and help a stranger look at those walking byContinue reading “,waiting on tomorrow”

YouTube bans Frontline Doctors speech criticizing ‘experimental agent’ COVID vaccine | News | LifeSite

It’s really irrational to take a brand new untested, untried technology from a company that’s completely shielded from immunity, Dr. Simone Gold related. — Read on Please share important details on corona #7


the given truth at any time is based on the reality which you face lets look into the present truth the world has gone batty everywhere you go the sight of strangers giving each other dirty looks and nasty comments as you try to carry on your life. really it is so sad to seeContinue reading “conception”

Developing the plan forward

first thing in the morning its important to look at the goals of the day what will you accomplish depends on so many things but if you put it in play odds are by the end of the day regardless of the tast dificulty its clear you will make effort towards some goals. I tendContinue reading “Developing the plan forward”