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the Julia Childs of insanity: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

well hello there today we are going to make humanica sauce sushi its a unique culinary delight enjoyed around the galaxy; from the far deep valleys of distant moons like Ganymede to Uranus and the city of Lushan a indescribable place the ancients would travel the light years just to enjoy the rare tastes onlyContinue reading “the Julia Childs of insanity: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome”

Trigger point injections into life

So your tumbling down a long steep cliff and while your rolling down the hill your being struck by bolders and smaller rocks all the way down wondering to yourself well ollie this is another fine mess you got us into. The sky is blue the weather is warm and yet your still rolling likeContinue reading “Trigger point injections into life”

Tools for tomorrow today

the world has become a complex and demanding place to live and only if you get your game plan ready and strive hard while the rest of society is hiding at home in there own private concentration camp of fear. Be brave and focus your mind on positive things watch and learn on anyContinue reading “Tools for tomorrow today”