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Talk about double standard with all the yelling and screaming trying to blame Trump for the state of the world i don’t remember him going on national TV and giving us the covid or a dozen other claims Just the powerful things he has passed to help and support the American citizens who have lost everything

why was the idea of double checking the election results with such large factors at risk. but its clear they have shut all the regular rules of our consititution regarding elections and the proper procedure for citizens takeing the honor to voice their vote one person one vote but here was another year when no id was required why the fact is the system works becuase its based on a simple rule if you import a million or several million into the election vote it does absolutely change everything when we say the total voted was more than actual real voters of this great nation means that the results were flawed

Truly the anger of the American people was because over the last year there lives have been shut down destroyed economically wiped out half of the American population the government as usual moved slow so slow finding it more important to attack and blame every wrong thing his fault. for ALMOST A year there lives have been turned upside down the economic and very basic values of protecting and serving the citizenery of this nation was flat out ignored and left on the side line for almost six months while they focused on how to cause and blame Trump for every misshap or car accident of course you will say sure he caused everyone in america to be locked down no and that he was obsessive compulsive about the paper mask that does nothing except take your rights of oxygen and even freedom when you have to wait in a line for up to two hours to get into a necessary store or office if you even can go in the facts is human being have long lived and worked in close proximity and caring for the ill was not about torturing the healthy with draconian rules and lockdowns.

it would be great to see the Brooklyn bridge full of tourists again the amazing lower Manhattan and SoHo bustling with people out building there universe and social community working thriving but that wont happen any time soon the political atmosphere is still tsunami crazy and doesn’t look like it will be returning to normal Ever, how sad is that; not because of another terror attack by foreign enemys but a direct attack on America from within for years the deep state has been building up its population of illegal stand ins who have been taught by hook and crook to have america and choose who they want to run this nation and the huge financial resources and strike force military to go out into the world and force others to live by the constant knowledge that our military could be anywhere on earth and control any situation but it cannot control the citizens of this great nation of liberty and justice where we have spent the last twenty years building an empire using state of the art jets and upgraded military might but we also know that our freedom and liberty are not for sale and regardless of who thinks they have the power of office its the People of this nation that will always step up and inforce justice on the political leadership if you dont do the job you will be fired or removed at all cost our citizens have three generations of warriors since the end of viet nam ouir military has been retrofitted and upgraded drones AI such advances have given the edge to our soliders but what politicians dont get is even the police work for the citizens of america not the officers who work for us in the three houses of government being that said

you can forget trying to put blame on one man there clearlly are alot of thiefs in the chicken coup and they got scared because even the capital police who handed the gatherings with great dignity and dedication to the American dream as they all have families and care about the crazy situation since covid was declared some emergency action plan by several leading barons of political fortitude in Germany and suddenly the entire world lost its rights and even the hope that most used to get up every day and go out to find things needed to provide for their family and loved ones now the lockdown is another enemy to live if you spend all day in lines to accomplish anything for your life then your nothing but working to pay bills starving without a job because they have been shut down by politicians;

go for the sky is the limit but must breath oxygen to fly

America demands a full investigation not the rush to put blame on President Trump and sweep all the lies and criminal acts under the table of convenience and doctored media updates filled with incomplete information to ensure we continue down the road of deception what about work how can you provide for your family half america is out of any idea of who or how will the economy begin again for us who have families and loved ones we will not stop being a community based society where you live work play and journey thru life together remember weekend baseball games for the kids or dancing at clubs to burn off some steam what about concerts great music and other amazing events that can no longer be set up or even attend

the lock down has caused marriages to be canceled or virtual ones that seem a bad joke to me what about the you may kiss the bride how is that going to be when you have to stay six feet apart and turn in anyone who is not wearing a mask and the new directed custom donkey tail and a nice pair of jackass ears so we can all he haw together this is like petty coat junction really when do the adults start to return to life and live the life they dreamed of the responsibilitys and caring for those in your community if you wont go outside and acutally come in close contact with others to indulge that one great gift of freedom to go out and socialize love lust care laugh dance jump around in a mosh pit

I wish someone would start to open up speakeasys again where we can all go and live life to the fullest again don]t care about the rules designed to deny you life instead live your life by your own goals and standards value of moral integrity not with standing we all could use a good hug right now i know i don’t wear a mask when i kiss my girls they know i am healthy and care more then life about there wellness and happiness but want to indulge into that amazing path of life that is full of excitement and diverse challenges and find love and hang out with friends and loved ones without some office drone complaining about you taking your freedom to the letter.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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