well i was just thinking

So remember the saturday cartoons before mom and dad got up right well its like a giant cartoon outside all these actually terrified individuals wearing not one mask but multiple masks thats right from the same box that says in black adn white these masks do not protect you from biologicals not even small dust yet the nail salons are selling them fifty dollars a box

so what is the good news its like an extended holloween and people just forget to take of the masks and go back to life i mean really do you think you can live on a planet with billions of others and keep to yourself but lets say you can get away from some of them what about the rest you know going out and having to wear a mask i mean multiple masks and go to the store and wait in a line half way down the block really or waiting an hour to get into the bank what about life say you needed a bathroom or didn’t want to wait outside when it starts to rain outside the restaurant and its only 33 degrees

well tough luck right maybe you should get angry enough to demand the games stop at the art store the neo nazi staff are guarding the front door insisting you cannot touch the door handle and must sanitize ever four minutes to keep walking around store then theres the hovering over to insist you dont touch anything or they quickly grab it and wipe with sanitizer in there handy mini bottle. well enough who wants to shop like this who wants there rights ripped out from the bellybutton on its enough and people need to insist sanity prevail not insanity the sky is not falling sadly the things we see are being bad like people finding out they have hiv or worse mrsr its time for truth maybe we need to launch a wake up gas to get people out of the stuper they are in you see them walking around in a daze not aware of anything so worried about everything its hard to see even worse knowing that many will never find there way back im sure the psychotherapy is cashing in with tons of perscriptions anti depressants but when your depressed because of lossing your job or wondering how your going to continue on the path you were going who will you life your life with those who now are no longer in your life hiding from the unknown being fearful is worse then death i believe i would rather face life clear and what comes for my life i will face it without fear fearless for this is the best way to ensure i get to do all my life has instore for me and be amazing profound and develop that inner chi the place of AH where my heart soars and the value of what i am directly relates with who i have chosen to become.

the journey is one of commitment and hardship but the end goal is beyond reason sure in the end the journey is profound and defines you to the universe being driven towards this perfection of your sentient being at one with the universe according to you can you hope to achieve magnificient rewards of lifes meaning on the path to oneness and contemplations of the void of life build this adventure with all you possess and alter the reality that you will journey through within
Eif you think about it i wonder if there every will be another day of millions out living life fully ever again

Everything in it place or is it what about feelings if your on your journey and finding that you love the extra time that you have when you plan your day out so here are some amazing things that help me such as taking a few hours each day and start a new project one on the personal gratification agenda meeting the inner need to be acomplishing alot of various things as life moves forward

helping those who you care about is one of the major time motivations to help others who are on simular journeys and with that in mind we find a common ground to build friendships and extended communities where we can develop positive areas that affect us on a larger scale than personal its communial

Take the time to calm your heart and open the door to mediate on new and positive ideas that have somehow been swimming around in your head and finally you start to sense they are not going anywhere so incorporate them into your life and the schedule to achieve maybe bring some of those new people you have been meeting into the fold and help find new paths we can work on collectively and provide both exciting new dynamics to your world but also develop a network of others who value the same items and strive towards the same positive goals, love lust desire happiness compassion complexity and change a world that is always changing before your eyes opeing to new fantastic new mediums of change a way to open these long locked doors of creativity and channel them into your main stream thought process and design a way to envelope the beauty these things provide into your life in general.

Love is a funny fish though we tend to think its about meeting that someone who can fit into a basic mold and gradually through coaxing and pressing adapt and alter there lives to blend seamlessly into your world sometimes it is much better to accept these new people as members and help them achieve there amazing in this you greet your world with more open values and principles that can advance all the dreams you have and grow the community that your working with and in to be bold and dynamic a group that continues to stick the course and grow and change dynamically together as an extended family of caring hard working independent individuals who work collectively on mass change both inter personally and gradually to spread these thoughts and ideals to the group as a whole.

I used to love to go take live model art classes when a new stunning beautiful woman would come in take off her cloths and strike various poses to give us an eye to see the contours of her body from the way she sits to the curves of her thighs the sutle curve of her breasts against her chest such beauty its amazing to enjoy something so much and find great insight into the mystic world each of us is differant young old healthy out of shape and all across the dynamic point of view we all have special unique beauty and it takes alot of time to learn but you can see over timehow your visions change the view and the dynamics of the sights you see

aboard your private lear jet a body that is so advanced most would find it crazy to trust a human being to take and change your DNA its not a simple fix worse is that any mistakes can be dynamically destructive to your very being. so back to those saturday morning cartoons bugs bunny road runner cayote rocky and bull winkle you know that its obsurd the things you see and you know there not real and not even possible such as a roadrunner and cayote that can use math and science to create acme rockets from akit or that they can roller skate faster then a racing car and fall off a giant cliff and not be hurt wnen they hit the bottom so when you take the time to look and rationalize that putting a paper face mask will not protect you from anything they wont stop microscopic transfer of other organisms and have no power to kill or remove them further the shot they are pushing is not a solution its an experiment to find out if the synthetic can be attached to your DNA and this little extention alters everything about you and worse is there is no cure and no way to retract it from your body once its injected so are you really putting the needle into those you love hoping to not live in fear any more well sadly i want to assure you that no amount of injected material can protect you from an organism that mutates each season and its a new more dynamic entity your body must face each time so lets see can the injection help you not get a cold in the future? NO never wont happen not designed to help you more over a new way to try and take human dna and changeit into property that can be monitized and controled by the injector or there agent.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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