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Principles of change

So finally all the restrictions are are being gradually removed but the horror of the injections and the vaccine or eight experimental biological agents if they use is killing thousands people are dropping dead they don’t want to say anything about it they don’t want to speak out about it but thankfully a lot of people are waking up and getting really angry about these politicians and what’s going on and hopefully these will bring real dramatic change human beings will realize you’re not at corporate stock you’re actually alive three-dimensional human that how do you write from God to live on this Earth and stand above the ground and all the other animals to be amazing and for too long it’s been a small group of very wealthy people who lied she didn’t feel to become very wealthy that are controlling not only their lives of enjoyment and pleasure but the lives of everybody else

You know practical applications of the Constitution you know what Americans especially with freedom in America what you need to realize is this constitution this is like a Bible and you should really look at it and read it and try and digest what it stands for look the original founding fathers of the Constitution United States not the corporation but the Constitution of the United States meaning individual little countries New York Rhode Island Virginia you know Maryland the little countries that basically had a population of live human beings that would work and and Excel in the dreams that they had to live their life according to what God provided them and these people would work hard and be fruitful and have children and you know that they were getting their kids at a better chance than they had the problem is is that because of corporate America the United States of America corporated people don’t realize is that you every one of us every American citizen is worth hundreds of millions of dollars your corporate treasury direct bank account is got millions of dollars in it not that you can use it to party but this is basically your investment in that big dream of freedom and a better life okay and in order for you to receive those goods those bounties those treasures from the amazing work that your parents did and their parents before them you have to realize even ancient technology like the scarab you know the Egyptian scarab it was worship not because it was a dung beetle but it was worship because of its abilities to Excel and create things that were larger than itself human beings need to start thinking positively about changing the world okay we’re using way too much fossil fuel understood but this is not because people are driven to waste fuel this is basically a corporate thing with shell and mobile and BP these companies are very wealthy and they manipulate everything from the regulations and amendments to the Constitution to what you can and can’t do I mean it’s like they’re going to start telling people what time they can wake up in the morning and what time you can take a nap and what time you could go to sleep this is the ultimate goal of people like Bill Gates and the Bill of Melinda gate foundation is total removal of half of the population and then controlling the other half by knowing where they are what they’re doing and if they’re not cooperating with what those rich people think they should be doing they’re nice little swab up your nose and the vaccine that they’re forcing down your throat allow them to hop and manipulate your very light Force okay this this mRNA basically is designed to alter your DNA so they can wet wire it to their corporate satellites and control who you are what you want to do how much you want to live your life and define what you’re even allowed to do people need to realize is that the corporate part of this country has just become so evil you know every child deserves a chance not just in America but every child in the world why are we building more weapons to weapons make no sense at all humanity needs to stop trying to kill each other and start trying to work together because that’s how you going to change the world you know when it doesn’t matter where you’re from is a sentient human being what’s important what are you going to do with the life that you were given are you going to be amazing and go towards your dreams are you going to be a scumbag and abuse everything and everybody around you thinking you’re entitled you are no different than the thousands of civilizations that came before you all right but the intelligent part of it is worth it we’re a group of civilization that is actually learned how to destroy the entire population of the Earth he’s vaccines have killed thousands in America that killed them probably 50,000 in Europe and these are just the ones we know about I mean you go to third world countries like Thailand and stick jabbing their arm and the thing is why if you already survived for the last year and a half that mean covid can’t kill you because your body knows how to protect itself.

Another really important point is people are starting to get motivated to get the right knowledge about what’s going on you know what started this yeah absolutely Wuhan diabolical plan posse posse was really trying to go to town here opening up on your opportunities to be amazing and profound me but this year and a half is giving you time to think about what you really want to do with your life I mean what are your dreams what are your aspiration doing a job nine to five that makes you a little bit of money is not a life that’s drudgery you know beyond the drug degree you need to figure out how you can move this forward to a better place a better reality

The opportunity right now is to get focused get focused on what you’re dreaming of accomplishing get focused on the desires that you’ve got if you love running you should be running every day I mean this has been an opportunity that allows you to do the things you wanted to do and if it’s something that you do because you love it you’re going to definitely enjoy your time spent doing it than anything else I mean being an artist you know being an artist is a valuable asset for me but then if you’re doing something that you hate if you’re working in an office nine to five for a Boston to scumbag why not go out and do your own thing go out and accomplish your own dreams in your own aspiration you know make a decision of what value is important to you is it important to you that every day you spend working or is it important you have your own time you know these things allow you that choice that’s so important I mean I love to go out scuba diving it’s like once you get underwater with the scuba tanks you just compressed down Puerto Rico and say Martine I mean you go down there you go out and have a little boat you charter a boat for the day you bring your tank your gear and you go out you decompress under Earth I mean look life is exactly what life is if there’s no risk there be no reward everybody has the potential you know somebody was alert a medic ation stung by a bee and die within 12 minutes being afraid of what you have no control over is not the way to deal with fear the way to deal with it is realizes that the best thing you could do is make adjustments to your life to not put yourself in that position of risk but the covid thing is being coming exposed now with the lie that’s going on what is their need to Jeff everybody in an arm for with some synthetic chemical it’s the people that are dying they’re not even getting a chance to scream out 3 days 72 hours 10,000 people in the United States of America died within 72 hours of getting a vaccine but Georgia has just approved 12-year-old children to make their own life choice at 12 years old not even knowing the ramifications.

So another thing is real important people have to understand is that in order to make these changes in your life and do what you love it’s so much better to make a plan if you make a plan what you want to do and like I said remember do things you love to do staying at a job that makes you miserable is not a wife that’s what’s been going on for so long looking to suffer Nationals I mean you’re a human being you’re not a corporate stock you have millions of dollars millions but since you don’t know they’re using the money they’re keeping the money so you have an opportunity to do the things that you love to do but it requires you to be brave enough to do a little bit of effort a little bit of education a little bit of learning and by doing that you’ll gather the skills and the understanding of the system where you know people don’t realize you you actually get a speeding ticket you’re going 10 miles over the speed limit 62.32 basically says I have the right of the human being created by God to go anywhere I want to go the way I want to go drive a car ride a bike do a motorcycle and I don’t need a special ID from the corporation to allow me to do that it has to do with me and even though regulations that police who are policy and forces use it states very clearly their job is not to stop you on the road for going 10 miles over the speed limit if you’re going 50 over the speed limit you deserve getting caught but the majority of people are just distracted they’re worried they’re stressed they’re driving around trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible and as long as they are safe good driver and they’re seeking out an honest decent living you don’t need to be discriminated from for doing that I mean Felicia better things to do we should be busting drug dealers they should be shutting down and your methamphetamine houses they should be protecting American citizens and none of these things they do anymore now if they come barge into your business start telling you how you have to dress how you have to clean this door this is total like dynamic control they’re trying to apply on you you go to the CDC site you see 10,000 people have died they didn’t even die from getting sick they died from the job in the arm twice so it’s important that you look for the knowledge it’s online everybody has a smartphone now and I tell you do what you love be amazing be profound but do it intelligently there’s no reason to believe what you learn in school they absolutely lie to you it doesn’t matter where you’re from what color you are what language you are the reality is that you’re all sentient creatures that were put in this Earth above all other animals by God and once you understand that and you start bringing that into your life you’re going to have a lot more control of who you are and what you do with your life I mean there was a girl that joined this thing in the search for eternity about a year and 3 months ago right at the beginning of the pandemic and we talked on the phone and I said well look what do you love to do and she says I always dreamed of being on a sailboat and I said well you have a year of luck done why don’t you learn how to ride a sailboat and understand it so she found somebody that would take her out on weekends to learn how to maneuver a sailboat work with the rigging in the sails and after she got comfortable with it she actually put herself out as an independent contractor to find a job to work on like a catamaran well gladly in the beginning of April she got hired by a very wealthy man in Puerto Rico he flew her down there and her job now is to work on his three-tier catamaran around the Caribbean I think it’s so great and so proud of her I mean it’s about being amazing that you can be it’s not about listening to what somebody tells you need a job well sure you need a job to earn a living but you need to do what you love because then you’re never miserable at doing it you see most wealthy people are very miserable I got all kinds of money they hoarded like like squirrels and everybody else is supposed to go without when they start investing that money into making the world around them better society is a whole growth and matures it becomes more caring more compassion and more lovely look like I always say I’ve been doing other post later be amazing be profound go out there get the things that you want and be the person you want to be don’t pay attention to what the schools or these other people are telling you in the media the media lies to you all the time it’s not worth wasting your time even listening to this stuff you look at the weather you can’t even get the weather right you’ll tell you something and it’s totally the opposite it’s gastrology and you literally did rate your life around these other people’s choices rather

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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