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So what now my friends?

lets see march has long since passed and still the end seems no closer the politicians and a large portioni of the media are hitting you on the back of the neck be afraid fear the words and images we are creating for you. watch as we reduce the population of earth by political scandel and false dramatic stories especially the new key words pandemic_ a pandemic should be looked up really so you have the facts before we go further.

the real truth is hospitals and management those who run hospitals have sold their perverbial soul to get rich off Covid 19 lets see how for every time a medical practicioner puts covid 19 related illness that is you have a magic illness and if you take there advice its time to bend over and kiss your arss goodby literally since the test being given shows if you have a elevated response to some bug or illness say you had a regular cold or flu bug in the last so many months ; strange because every year during the fall we are hit with the cold flu season every year,

So have you been exposed maybe you got it and your body did its job to rally and fight the new bug since the test doesnt test or covid it tests for any cold virus strain and there are thousands Doctors are not that well connected to such things so they call scientists who if they want a big pay day and work with the pharma corps running the world with drugs for everything even death then yes your going to race in blind and trust their tests if its wrong then you go home and what think about who might have walked within a mile of you or sat in the bus half an hour before you did its time to take a dose of reality

The truth is worse then fiction sadly the media is paid the doctors and their executives are paid to put your heart at ease no not at ease but to Terrorize you with unknowns I have spoken to several doctors and they state off the record not taking the time to help the body fight infact they deny patient fluids shut down there engine and put them on a pump machine so the process is really missing a bunch of steps from the laymens point of view if they are not getting enough oxygen then use broncial inhalers and put an oxygen mask seems the right direction around the world though the problem still exists that hospitals are not full yet getting paid handsomely to play the sky is falling .

well for the last eight months the sun has still shined in the sky and its beautiful the oxygen has been great oh ya you been drinking the recycled C02

and now for something completely differant mean while back at the halls of government while they are collecting there huge salary’s that were written into law themselves the world and America have been shut down now after watching thousands of businesses go belly up and people lose there jobs and hope of a future they went one step further to try and steal the election from us the American people.

As a disabled veteran with honorable discharge i find it a travesty and can only hope someone sane like President Trump can and does bring them up on charges not for a spanking but for total distruction theses criminals have gone far to long and its time to take this nation back with truth freedom liberty and a firm belief in the truth that “this great nation of over 300 million citizens men women and children can no longer support the decadent lifestyles of the politically connected, AMERICA WILL NOT BE SOLD OUT TO SUCH CRIMINALS ” THIS GREAT NATION HAS BEEN BUILT ON THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS OF Americans who risked all for the freedoms and liberty’s we have

.For all those who cannot rise up and defend themselves and their young families its time to make america great and deny the criminals any place in this great nation.

An american election must be fair and impartial there cannot be random people with no moral compass allowed to vote a dozen times using alias’s yet in hundreds of local polling places not even a photo id was required this is not only illegal but has caused such sorrow in the world with corrupt politicians swaying votes with money and drugs then now they are trying using fear

Stay home trust us and if you need to leave your residence then wear a paper mask and be afraid because there might be a unknown bug in the air or someone will walk up and spit on you really lets be inteligent here a large city is based on community well millions life in large metro areas and now they are afraid of their own relatives and once friends they have all lost there jobs and the citys once packed with tourists are now boarded up like new york city a walk across the once crowded Brooklyn bridge now is a ghost town with a few lost souls on bikes or walking how sad tragic and cruel those who did this must be brought to justice full justice and no measure should be spared the tool of such deception the national media and communication corps paid off big time to feed the daily dose of fear and anxiety to a worried nation so what now bring in the tanks when the stores are empty to quell any kind of outward expression of dispair and anger and really truth is the world has suffered beyond measure there is no total of the billions who have struggled for the last nine months to survive without a clue of truth.

Vacines really how can you inject a vacine into millions across the nation with no needed tests to make sure it kills something but not the host trials take years and yet you still have no real test that works on all or even a fair percentage so how can you come up with a vacine if you dont know what is the cause of anything the cold the common cold so your also going to cure the thing that has happened for centuries and never were you doctors able to cure anything you put a bandage on it and hope they got better.

Now the labs and scientists are racing the perpetual time bandit to create new strains of bug from ones stored in your bio LEVEL 5 CENTERS

this is tragic how can you bring about change when you dont know what it is either so lets see being tested for something there is no test for then you can choose weather its a 98 percent wrong diagnosis maybe go everyday for another nose swab and hope you get lucky. The best solution is have faith in life and this incredible body that never forgets any threat its every faced before and has a stock pile of white blood cells ready to attack the problem full force as soon as your exposed,

if our like me getting the bet technology for my peronql life and that of my friends is so important peade of mind and better understanding is so priceless

The major choice is to choose weather you want to live a life full and profound or spend every minute of your life being afraid of something you cant see and since the earth is one giant glass bubble filled with 8 billion human being and trillion of other life forms all facing the same challenges we do each minute Myself i choose life and making every effort to live it too the fullest and face the difficult challenges when they actually come into immediate focus.

this allows me more time to be amazing and life continues where by which i can decide what to do each of the preciously given moments of life i have been provided. i was told along time ago if you really want to ride a motorcycle then you will fall and get hurt being careful has its limits if your goal is profound all the test pilots from the airforce and nasa had to risk it all each time they strapped into the cockpit of the latest jets and rockets they lived life on the razors edge and im pretty sure they loved every minute like kids on the fastest rollercoaster it can only be experienced strapped in going without training wheels.

dont just sit there make your mark on the world be profound and amazing strive hard each day to bring the world into clear vision and challenge yourself to be amazing you only get about 280000 hours between sleep work and then there is you make it magikal

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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