,waiting on tomorrow

what is the goal for the next chance you have if you wake up tomorrow will your heart be profound and you challenge one of those things on your life bucket list. be bold go out and do something you have always wanted to do stop and help a stranger look at those walking by who are afraid and show a smile and a kind heart open up to talk and help them realise that there life is not something to be afraid of but something to dive into full steam ahead.

Reaching towards your dreams isn’t a bad thing infact its a perfect way to spend our time and energy so many get all caught up in lifes challenges and never realize you must take time for life because life willnot take time out for you find your happy place seek out your true love cant find it if your not looking saw a great movie the other day called the

secret dare to dream what a fantastic movie its nice to see a movie that acutally is not about killing raping and murdering everyone else in the journey it was a breath of fresh air another great moive is the grand Budapest Hotel fantastic amazing love how it was put together i can say its hard to keep watching the same thing usually love to write and play guitar but do find time to enjoy such profound movies we need another lord of the rings trilogy maybe i read a great book called the legend of Recluse this amazing book marked almost every day until i finished all eight books but the story was the great part that we are all given gifts weather creative skills or technical skills abilities are so valuable in society and having a full collection of skills that can serve you and others helps make it to the moments when you need things to keep your dream alive working hard is a great way to dedicate time and efforyt spent reaching towards goals that have multiple effect on your life and those around you.

To meet special people in your life you cannot ignore them they touch you with energy long before you meet and when you get close you feel the vibrations of these amazing creatures those who the way they laugh talk or think digs deep inside you and touchs a cord a musical cord that wont go away; sadly most of us have become afraid and ignore that special feeling we all get when there are things we need in our lives cannot hide from them and better to seek them out what a waste of opportunities that can greet our lives with wonderful and amazing someone who makes you smile or laugh who knows how to turn your on big time. A magnetic personality one who when they come in the room your mind forgets what was just happening and you focus all your energy on them almost like a kid with santa you want to know them be close to them but we have so many rules dont be too nice stay shy because you might scare them if you show your soft cuddly side so be shy mysterious

rather then be bold and drive forward hoping to know the real deal with this person are they one of those so special s that you will want and get to know and care about and the time spent with them will never be forgotten a profound connection across time and space a joint of fantastic a smile that you life for a touch you cannot get enough of and the feeling that when your together there is nothing else to think ABOUT……

THE KIND OF PERSON who calls you at work just to tease you about being naked in the hot tub wondering when you were getting home that woman that even on her worst day you are amazed at her smile and how well she handles lifes challenges and still looks amazing . a love that cannot be quenched i mean literally you become so consumed that you will stop almost anything to spend more time together because you laugh so hard you piss yourself and are touched by her compassion when you make a mistake. so just the time spent on the phone is special you remember what they say and how much it helps you make it through a tough day; when you walk into the room your consumed with a deep drive to grab her and hug her give a big kiss on her soft neck and you can smell her sweet smelling hair draped over her shoulders and down her back.

love lust desire i must say that in this life i have been so blessed its never the quanity its about the fantastic amazing the beauty that took your breath away a curvacious woman who when she walks down the street the world slows down and its not how sexy she is its the way when she walks the unverse submits to her such attention and deep felt desire you just want to be near her to enjoy the rapture of her laugh and how amazing she is when she accomplishs one of her many goals.

a dynamic creature of female persuasion a dynamo of lust and desire a woman who can accomplish anything but sees you as a valuable member of her life to share and work hard towards common gaols to know that you will always do your best and she will never destroy your hard efforts as not enough. building a future of friendship and love trust and desire faith and commitment towards the end of time will walk the long walk with you and never hold the past in your face but prooud to be standing next to you and striveing towards the same general direction happy exciting and bold a woman who knows what she wants and is so happy to go and attack life for all it can share the chance to be amazing and change the world hard worki good words good thoughts and good deeds the actions of a world built on deep desire and commitment a group large or small that works together hard to accomplish the community goals and help those that you love and care about .

As the star filled sky opens when the sunsets low and the shooting stars call and beccon to the earthlings below. be amazing be profound drive your dreams to the heavens and never look down

Walk hand in hand love trust and desire believe in the miracles that built such a fire a burning that doesn’t burn a light that shines so bright against the dawn or even the latest night

When i think of you and remember your kiss cannot walk away because of how much i do miss this warm soft touch

lost in a dream holding you still the curves of your body soft full breasts and deep tranquil eyes against the darkness of heaven a warmth and comfort that i feel as we hold each other and watch the full moon rise high in the eastern sky as i look deep into your expression of amazement and dazzling delight walk with me together and hold me close through the night

Dream the big dream and take the chance to walk a mile with me see if for the right reasons i have nothing to hide but i wont waste my life on fear and the cruelties of men have seen first hand all that can be lost wasted or destroyed searching for leaves in the wind.

wild and full of spirit a beauty beyond compare so special and differant a sweet not often enjoyed but a love i will remember for eternity and forever those moments we did share those long talks in the dark us naked watching the sky the sounds amazing and delightful of our laughter and desire the passions spent no regrets or ill intent but built on the desire we share together in time this was our moment there.

many years go past and live races on and still your fond memory of the love we shared the time we cheated time and enjoyed such magic without care be brave and bold a step forward for sure there is nothing in life that you should ever want to miss be the star of your journey and the nature of your own world special unique beautiful and full of desire a emblazened angel a warrior for sure beating at the door of destiny and eternity to spar nothing but be bold and true to your dreams

want to be happy it comes from the pain the time and efforts spent shouild never be in vain wild moments that can not be repeated but the special lapses in space when everything falls into place and your the center of my universe and the dreams that we shared so sweet that even years later its a miracle and we get to met to share that place in time with all we have went through yet the special moments we have shared fill our hearts and bind our wounds heal us from inside and carry even musiclal toons profound defined the dream we shared that moment will never be taken from us no one could even or would they dare eternity will remember us and the play we shared in a world without fear and a place we raced towards the stars the love we shared so special it was magic it was ours.

sisters share love and eesire to date a twin so special indeed to see amazing in both sides of this great sight to know one who is your freind and tother your love true to e sure in your heat to ahve two who care so deep the love you share the time we are there so special twice the time in love seeing both sides of this magik delight twins with special unique and open hearts to amaze seeking love laughter and sharing where love and trust are the main joy together with each of them time spent with caring desire til the end ot time i iwill ove them so they were the light in the darkenss the power of fierce desire two friends who shared me for such a speical year to think abou tit can bring a bold team so know to share with those hwo know what you feel not havein to explain everything understanding with a simple smile.

How can i say it after so long it is true but we shared a moment in time that can never return and the cause of our moving on was not cheating or anger but so deep the love knowing that to leave when we were so happy was the only way to move on because to hurt someone you love so much to leave with love and lust shared deep inside we knew it was the end of oa short journey and we both knew it was fine we had much to accomplish and share over the space and time the taste of your honey most devine the sight of your naked beauty something i can never forget the way that you make me feel its surely heaven sent shine bright my love my friend my dear walk tall be brave and live you life without fear. bold daring beauty a star in your own sky that i will always love you and miss you care about the happiness of your soul hope you find that link and special one who will carry you back home and you know with all your heart your always in my thoughts never alone.

its amazing go pshop.,solexnation.com/JerryB

those things we did that were so exciting and bold making love in the ferry in the middle of the night couldn’t hold back just fire bursting free the taste the excitement those moments carved in stone so hot and empassioned we almost got caught but its ok because it was such passion we shared within our hearts dared and cannot forget how amazing it was to feel with you in that tight place sharing and hearts racing so blown away by the pleasure we shared like never before a new addictition of lust and fear of getting caught but never were we caught lost in lustful memories that cannot be matched in all these years you were the first and most dynamic a fire in my hand a love i was so happy to experience and share girl you and i did so laugh, love after years its like time made it more for even in the hardest days i can close my eyes and see you feel you and love you again the smell of the perfume the sweet strawberry taste of you shiny lipgloss or the bubblegum you loved so much to chew it was hard to get you to part with it but it was worth every drop of my expression to share our time together so special the obsession,

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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