Edna what a beautiful image

walking through the city the day fantastic and Devine sunshine beating down and the city streets of sound’s well heard, did we chance to meet today your beautiful eyes took my breath away.

i notices you focus on that fire hydrant of brass the nice friendly do not sit to keep you on your toes wander why they do this its not a place to sit and unless you need a moment of rest find a silent place to sit for a moment at best, hope your day fantastic and that you have an amazing evening ahead to share the excitement of the day and wander about the images of life you take them with your inner eye your heart tells you most what cannot in this day hide without a moment or perspective unknown walking down sixth ave in manhattan what a perfect day i know alot that is true but behind these amazing eyes i did see you so hope your life filled with all you desire to hope again to meet you and share a cup of tea walking around the city to shoot photos of all we can see the amazing and profound the rivers and the sea.

more than a second in time the images you photograph launch your imagination all the places you go and see its a real revelation, morning is quite expressive when the city is shrouded in shade hidden by the sky high buildings lining the streets everywhere hoping to find a small window where the sunlight danced through giving you a chance to catch that special image which will touch you deep inside give your heart a flutter and dance true to see and feel the memory of you what were you thinking when you focused in the lens did you know this place before and remember something new wqandering through the city a fantastic thing to do when the spring is right around the corner and your about to catch that amazing before your eyes the special things you feel inside when you photograph it and bring a memory to life to fill others with wonder and amazement for all the magic you see each day wonder about you now and hope your day Devine and the collection you compose to those who have sights above there nose to see and express thru the photos you take walking throughout the city and catching it off guard what wonder and imagination lost in the moment we can say we understand for in the end its what’s in your hand to share over coffee or tea to hear taht great laugh i could tell you are full of passion for what you do see it in the memory’s you sae right before my eyes you take the th of least discomfort and despair walk throughout the day holding each other sharing the major release; to find true love that magic beast one who can see inside and understnads what hell you have bared,

so tell me about you i can imagine such amazing things from our short talk today i can feel your a powerhouse of reason a woman strong willed and delightful inside filled with power of direction and loyalty to those you care making the world a collage of such delight all the magic you find and share from the front of your camera the images you collect the passion of your heart its hard not to reflect sharing across the boundry of space and time with photography and images you capture it in time,

spring delight cherry blossoms abound

i could tell you understand the world around you and how to take command searching out that special sight to photograph and save on your drive to share at will to those who care to reach across space to share it with you and your speical gift of design forming images of such devise a cast of light against the barren stone that is hundreds of years old beaten by wind and rain if the walls could talk the stories they would tell over space and time minutes even years the sights and sounds as the echo before the gift of such beauty remember when it was still a virgin forest with indians riding by and the only technology was sharing a kind word or hi;

if love is a weapon and desire its fuel all that we can be and say or do what about affection perfection desire love compassion hope and desire, will the sun come out and shine all day or will it do the afternoon dance of wind and clouds across the deep blue heavens or scream out load the light dancing across the earth below the beauty of each of us such perfection in life casting a shodow and wanted desire to hold your loved ones close never let go and at most to shape your day to include all that you care to open the door and find those you love their.

magic is profound life a dream will you see the true colours before you or lose them in a nightmare wrenching and cruel even if its not real its impact is true whisper and dream large to open the stars to feel the emotions of love shared within pools of deep reflection of life built on such perfection to hold a hand and love someone true to live your life without fear a challenge expressed against time and space its a hard won rest. the neighbor the stranger those you think you know so well they are just an illusion of what was long ago and now your out trying to find it again so you can come share and express all that you have learned and saw from the beginning of the day the journey of adventure so hard to ignore to hard to deny being all hat you can be so special in lifeathe journey of a tree spreading across the soil and touching its special connection of life like a carpet of magic and life spread on the wind burning a deep hole in all that we can see and know the world is beyond our imagination our science and dynamic math its so true the language of this afternoon to find your smile and talk for a few what an amazing person i cant forget your smile to excape through the mountains and wander near the ancient rivers before to know the world from the place of sight to share the vision to those who care.

lyrics of sensation lifes profound inner imagination

wander to the night free stand on the top of the highest parapet to watch the sun set across the western sky to see the color changes as the clouds carry the fading light to wonder about a moment together sharing happy and amazing things we can not understand the sharing of this special delight two humans sharing kind words and opening there lives to change all that we can do is hope we can understand the harbors of alien ships dancing in the sky to share the truth after a year of hell what about perfection when you look at nature so you can start to understand the magik is something few of us will ever know

wait to see the images of those things open and Devine against the pale pink afternoon light as the sky fills with blankets of stars they shine down on earth from every angle we can express to see and feel the love of caring when you can feel the emotions shared across space and time.

have you ever loved somene that you only met have you shared deep felt feelings of things you know and yet someone new might save the day with a different understanding of what is before your eyes and only throught there perception can we see its true light like the love of a mother to a child newborn and fresh depending on the love shared by the mother who carried you inside for almost a year sharing everything about her with you to build a special connection to life and perfection will you understand can you stand against the pale red rock and feel the power of ancient life and the stones faded from ancient times shed like a skin before the eyes of those who came many decades before showing the thoughtfulness of the time we have spend in life to share the trust and passions only you and i can know to open up our heart to touch that with is unseen a special place of life and desire a special involved design a magik of so many before sharing the world and opening the door.

as we look across the day will we see the taste of honey feel the magic of love and funny time spent struggling inside to find that special place open the morning develop your dream being amazing is the goal and the scene what about passion its there if you like

what will you do in the morning when your with that special person you just met who you feel so connected its almost impossible to see yet its only been a few moments and we felt as one sharing conversations without words this a dream undone; to be children again and share innocence and desire away from fear and resentment hatred and cruel gests of all that you can be before and after you past each test

to walk hand in hand love such a true desire to hold you close and hug you at night walking together under a blanket of stars to feel the warmth of the campfire and share in the silent night under a heaven blinking bright with life we are alone in a world filled by choice or design it must be right.

hold my hand and touch my heart whisper sweet nothings into my ears so i can know that your with me and we can share the years

how is love lost i wonder quite a bit but over the years its surely something we cannot forget open your heart and share kindness to all be a shining light in the darkest night be a powerhouse of desire share the warmth of our being together sharing time and moments that will last forever we will never get lost in the center of us to find the edge will be a challenges but we have nothing to lose taking the time to open up and share to feel safe enough to desire your love safe enough to take it without pain to shape our reality by the choices we have made

open your eyes can you see me here looking deep into your blue oceans of life as we sit under the heavens like the ancients did long ago hoping for a day to come when we can hope to know; if you dream a big dream will you make it real will you rise up and face the challenge to build the life you dream will you take a word of wisdom and built this amazing sight bring it to reality and drive the magic thru open up the door to amazing don’t be denied the choice is yours take the skills you have and build your true dream be a center to love and life and desire bring your heart felt happiness into clear view be dynamic and profound this is what you need to do

finding the AH in all you can do

wake up go out smile on your face admire the beauty that this world gives chase take it from the challenges you have faced before bring them to fruition and drive the dream through the open door wonder and amazement desire and trust exposed love to hold you close care deep inside wish upon the stars of night and watch the sunrise so grand being all you can be and hoping for the things that we can. water across a rocky cliff dropping hundreds of feet below onto dark blue granite a thunderous sound the silence of nature can be so profound

what about your very first kiss was it something you remember well or did it pass uneventful because you failed to see that it was many things combined before you in this journey we can see hold me close dont let go be bold and beautiful that is all i know what about the sunset at the end of the day will you feel great pride in all you have achieved or will you waste away another day filling the world with unknown pain thru fear and anxiety pain and dispair lost in a delusion that the media has shared; open the door and kick out the lies take the truth before your breakfast and strive like never before to be all that you dreamed of long ago when you were a child hope and passion the tools of the youth and all that we can achieve its painted in the stars all that ancients knew this so well and now it is ours open your eyes and touch the deep blue sea realize we life in a universe filled with amazing sights so secretly delightful even at the long hard day ends it will be a sight full of accomplishments and achievements you can do so very much if you just try

finding love and trust in a special friend a person you feel connected and a vision that can be so true open the door to tomorrow and cast the stone across the clear lake bounce your dreams and magic together into a special place where your dreams become reality and your love grows strong and profound being together as one is a powerhouse its real and complete our world our dreams the magik we can share the time spent on problems and fear something to beware open to the beauty and try to forget the past except the beauty of those moments that help you where your worried and so stressed its like putting on armour to protect you from the violence of war the battle you must struggle through hoping without injury you will be successful and clear opening your heart hear it beat inside having love and sharing desire all special feelings that wont expire.

happy thoughts children at play life filled with magic and hope and dreams wonder and amazement all being there to live and see; how will it happen none of us know we strive hard to find the answers and share the special expressions of life waiting together in a room filled with sights what is the most important thing we find is it alright will breaking the shell open you to change take all you get and try not to refrain from happiness and desire holding those you love close never forgetting all that you have done to help others and how time flys when your having fun out about in a life full of desire waiting by the ocean waves at a bonfire where flickering light dance above the amber coals holding someone you love and care what about the answer your heart does know.

Walking down a sundrenched beach whitest sand the color of pearl. the sight of your long beautiful hair shimmering in the afternoon sun a treasure to me and not the only one.

bound by laughter and wandering the beach holding your hand and sharing the day together exploring the world we hold at bay

open the idea that we can share such treasure in our life in an infinite measure love and desire passion like a bright fire trusting to care and never fail to be there over the years time beats rumble in the sky as you and i grow wiser through our struggled to achieve without feeling loss or the need to leave

holding you close late into the night stars glitter above such a perfect sight the plush blanket of black and the stars speak in tongues the waves with long memory of the pounding beach sand millions of years not by our hands

to caress your soft golden skin and see your smile burst free the magic of mystery and dreams of far off places the touch of your hand on my cheek will keep me happy for many a week walk with me now take all you can be the brave lover i understand open to life not afraid of unknown burning desire to be expression and desire to touch the heavens and sit by the bon fire

your deep blue eyes take my soul away and all that i feel know and can say i would wonder i would dream over the moments and time scattered images we both can dream to make passionate love and share our deepest imagination about love life and all that can exist in a world filled with humanities treasure and sky filled with sights of sheer inspiration; across the galaxy of stars and solar wind, make distant visions of beauty that cannot be a fake inspire within

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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