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Very good to see you guys out going back to life

its been quite a horrid year all my friends are finally coming out from there long self inflicted isolation but its great to see the human faces/ ! again what a strange year reminds me of a few old songs like Billy Idol eyes without a face white wedding dress to finally start to see beautiful womens faces and there amazing smiles! what a day; a little cold but still seeing alot more Americans sporting the stop the insanity look let me go on with my life.

before i biatch slap you right! well good for you, now its time to make that big move to gain the knowledge to turn this messed up system that allowed such insanity to be stopped and have its engine overhauled; this is the greatest nation on earth

and all that needs to happen is people get tired of hiring bad people without the skills to demand only well qualified people who will work from a place of respect and dynamic approach to helping solve the issues at hand funny this morning i bet Texas breakfast broke records all over the world i do believe every beautiful young and old cow girl was out in there stetsons showing them why cowboys tip there hats and put those hands in there pockets as a cowgirl from texas knows there a treasure and alot of warm caressing is almost expected as soon as the lights go low but after 2020 im sure there are a lot of wild girls out and about now about time you girls go get yours enough of the outright disrecte towards the human goals of cowgirls all over the country amazing beautiful talented and full of honey but wild like a giant mountain cat take no prisioners girls make the world your oyster

I noticed over the last few beautiful days to see dozens of stunning women of all ages out running sporting new leggings and looking like lean mean fightinng machines im always so honored the women in my life take suuch good care of themselves maybe its that ability to be open and share with me giving them a more comfortable set of hearts to listen to there issues we all have them but on track for the laura croft tumb raider remake even her amazing squeeking voice oh my god something about fire on the mountain lightining in the air and a few have these diabolical beautiful eyes with dozens of shades variances blues green gray brown amazing i found out something that we all have blue eyes when your born something about eyes can fill dictionarys around the world,

then there was betty Page

what an amazing girl young woman and then idol she was the most amazing expression of life back in the fiftys and sixtys every other woman even today cannot deny the perfection that was her she was a majestic beauty and i believe it was her great desire to live life profoundly without any kind of overlord to restrict or control others her beauty was that special recognition of life is brief be amazing have fun life is all the moments that you go live life.

Breaking all the bad habits now will be the big test from sitting for hours watching some mind numbing show with nothing of value not even good thoughts went into them design or carrythrough sadly cheap so i have focused on being out at all times if possible doing things weather building designing painting playing and writing music now its time to put all these amazing time management tools and the results to a system that can be a performance of a year of hard work looking to see some of the other artists i like how they spent a year in isolation hope it was an amazing journey regardless of the insanity being dumped almost each day in our faces, and the media sad indeed

the truth is coming out now though check out the local media in places like sweden and france the Hague is busy each day now as the lawyers really press the issues of the lies and deciept that have been destroying lives and causeing fear across the globe its time to bring the truth out and hold these few individuals responsible why such lies who came up with this insane way of frieghtning human society to its core there is no protection from life and no vacine will save you from your day with death but in the mean time your life is running away without you you and i have lost so much over the last year and as i am not one to cry of spilt milk i say get up and go be amazing each and every minute you have left take good care of your health its time that is critical to your longevity and health matters when you are sure you can no longer trust medical people as they have disgarded there hypocratic oath and now are playing russian rullette with your lives and that of those you love and care for those of us who have lost loved ones i am not gloating i have lost friends even family to but not at the hands of some horrible new illness that scientists have created and now want to inject you with a synthetic new monster they control a wireless switch that they can modify or change at will using unheard of frequencys that exist all around us depending on the coctailk mix they use the effect can be dilibertly changed at will only b y them,

what will you do i hope number one is not let some minumum wage person inject your billion dollar mind and body with strange fluids called experimental Biological Agent what else is in it well considering how small the end goal is there are alot of agents inside and most they wont even tell you what they are remember to attach something to your dna strand we are going down in size far below that you can see with standard microscope were talking atomic or nuclear medicine that uses huge computer displays to image what the computer is seeing in its unique style of sight and the amount of levels of magnificiation being used, so what ever your puttin ginto your body is so small its say smaller then a floating hair of Asbestos that has all the parts of life in each small direction that a cell can manage to do and once its attached this stranger new filiment to your dna now your body starts to get confusing messages since these doctors are not einstiens they are averae people with a few years of collage making random experiments to see what happens when you crush this or remove that and your the new lab animal how crazy is that unless your computer is downn and your body no longer working why would you ever offer someone the right to go inside and start turning on and off micro switchs that cannot be seen by the naked eye and this is a real problem humans are not perfect we are faulable yes that is right make mistakes so once you get the shots because gates has already told them expect at least two mor pandemics that he assured us will be much worse then this one see how this is going oh be afraid be very afraid like wednesday says to the boy at summer camp be very afraid

your billion dollar body has things going on that no one can understand they dont know why or how death comes just that people live and die and they investigate what broke or stopped working and give you some random diagnosis they created to explainn the unexplainable so to my friends i say go out be fEARLESS AND LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE MAX GO SURF THAT FIFTY FOOT WAVE AND JUMP OF THAT TOWER TO HANG GLIDE DO WHAT YOU WANT BE WHO YOU DREAM OF AND BE PROFOUND AND AMAZING .

its is so important to understand why you need to take a stand and here are just a few reasons

1 that you have been given a life to live on this earth and no one has the right to deny you your dreams and desires

2 to feel good about the things that make you happy and to strive hard to find our happiness in life love lust desire beauty and friendship

3 to choose to have those people in your life that make you feel complete and share the joy and desire that only trusted friends can share when you know they wont betray you

4 that you have been provided a moment to choose to be happy sad excited exausted loved dominated and be dominating of the world you have chosen to live in without regrets as base value do no harm to others but enjoy the miracles of thought and desire to imagine what it feels like to experience something and be able to with your free will go and experience it fully in the safety of those you trust and care about.

5 that your skills and talent can be exposed and shared not to make others feel bad but to show them they also can be profound and desire to go for the gusto in life weather that is going nude on the beach or hiking on some isolated mountain trail naked its your choice

finding others who share such amazing experience is great when you meet someone who almost instantly you feel that inner connection of trust and desire to do things that are risky like making love on a park bench with that ever hanging risk of someone might see what your doing and realise how bold and exciting it is to be free

6 taking the chance to feel those things which make most people feel so uncomfortable becuase of the pressures they have suffered at the hands of others who were upset you are doing what you want in life.

Its sad that today is the first week of march 2021 and we are going through a mccarthy isim of hate and judgement locking down the lives of millions around the world and they somehow didnt get the memo they have no rights to control your life unless you give them that power think about it if you didnt take there lies and absorb them like a slow drip of poison designed to deny you freedom and liberty to find love and desire be amazing to hold others and feel the warmth of compassion being shared why in some places a hug is such an important part of greeting why because even as children to the point when a baby cries and is picked up and hugged talked softly to the expressions and connections are not visible but you can see they are very connected we all need hugs to feel loved to have someone who when they come into your space that area around you and has great affection and trust you can give a hug and give hugly to there soul empower them to have faith in there expressions and desires able to ask what they need and not only hope it will be accepted but that before you can even think of possibles they are already wrapping their arms around you and your body can feel there heart beat even through thick winter cloths love is special power its drives deep throught our barriors and opens up true pathways of eternity be brave and bold bring out your best and share the magic that is you dont be afraid to open a conversation with a stranger odds are good that one in two of those yoou meet will be very profound and valuable to you as you move on throught this life being magnificient and beautiful things can and do happen be great and go for the gold ring reach for the stars i have many female friends and most have been stricken by the year of isolation and loss not death but the removal of all the sensations that give women those special powers of observation and understanding love is a word larger then the so called discription when you say love it has many shades of colour and desire when you deny yourself these outlets of expression your inner self shrinks and hides deep inside that fight or flight response and inner instinct that protects you so lock up the security and go be amazing

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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